3 Biggest Keyword Research Mistakes You Should Avoid

keyword research

The effectiveness of a carefully planned keyword strategy cannot be undermined as this increases the possibility of discovery and traffic. Targeting the wrong keywords could be devastating to any online business knowing that your online success depends on sales generated from your online marketing.

That’s why it’s important to know the dos and don’ts of keyword research.

Here are 3 biggest keyword research mistakes and ways to avoid them:

1# Targeting Overly Competitive keywords

With more businesses trying to make their mark online, doing proper keyword analysis and finding the right keywords that enable your business to stand out is essential. For example, often, targeting the most searched key phrases is not the smartest nor most profitable thing you can do when it comes to SEO.

The key is to find out what’s unique about your business, and then use its uniqueness to extend your keyword or key phrase while keeping it relevant to your target audience. Sometimes, using a lesser searched keyword, or long tail keyword, can be advantageous. That way, your website can rank faster and higher on Google with less resources required.

2# Overlooking Assessment

A winning keyword targeting strategy should always be drawn before applying SEO. Then, once implementation begins, it’s critical to track and monitor your keywords as they rise in the SERPs.

Over time, according to the progress or your site rankings, sales, and other metrics, you can add or remove keywords to maximize your online success.

3# Using Inapplicable words

Some keywords may be vague or irrelevant to your target audience. While others may even diverge into a completely different industry or niche from yours. This is why thorough keyword research is crucial if you want to attract your most ideal prospects online.

The bottomline?

To thrive in a highly competitive niche, market or industry, where competitors possess a remarkable online presence and dominance over newer upcomers, it’s vital to develop fundamental knowledge of SEO tools and keyword research in order to outrank and outperform your competition.


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