5 Email Subject Line Styles That Get Opened and Read

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Whenever I open my inbox, one question comes to mind – Does everyone else out there get bombarded by emails, or is it just me?

You see, I used to just click the “check all” option and hit the delete button as soon as I scanned through the email subject lines, and see no personal emails from people I know or clients I have.

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on this, but I do set aside those emails with interesting subject lines so I can quickly check them out before deciding to delete them. No matter how boring or irrelevant these emails might be, their subject lines have done the job of catching my attention.

Moral of the story?

Power Your Business with Email Subject Lines That Work

There are effective ways to write subject lines in emails in order to grab the attention of your subscribers. Here are five styles that will help increase your subscriber open rates, get your emails read, and possibly responded to.

1. About Them

The idea of this email subject line style is to hit your subscribers right on their emotional hot buttons. By being directly relevant to your subscribers’ desires or pain points, your email subject lines will be hard to be ignored.

2. Humour

Humorous titles make your emails stand out in a list of uninteresting titles. This can be effectively used if you know your target audience and what gives them a good tickle.

3. Controversy

This is usually done with a controversial subject line that provokes the thoughts or action of your audience. The key is to find out your market’s strongest held beliefs and challenging them head on. One thing’s sure: Controversy never fails to get attention.

4. Customized

Having your email marketing subject lines customized to your subscribers’ personal details is a great way to increase open rates. This might include using his or her first name, location or other relevant particulars to grab eyeballs.

5. Curiosity

Ever read headlines you simply couldn’t ignore?

How to Win Friends and Influence People. Headless Body in Topless Bar. The Girl Who is Turning to Stone. How to Live to Be a Hundred. And so on. When people are curious, what’s really going on in their mind is, “I need to know more!” And so this curiosity moves them to action (opening and reading your emails).


Knowing your audience and what makes them tick is the secret to effective email marketing. Based on that research and information, you can begin crafting the most appropriate email subject lines that will get your emails opened and read. And achieving this will naturally improve the success of your business.


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