5 Secrets to Creating Viral Content

creating viral content

One of the greatest benefits of creating a winning online post is – “going viral”.

For online bloggers and marketers, it can be both motivating and rewarding. A viral content is one that pretty much “breaks” social media; this means it has gotten an outstanding number of views, likes, comments and shares on various social media platforms. It has become a public trend.

This obviously has social and financial benefits. On the financial aspect, imagine posting content online where you get paid whenever a visitor clicks or views that content. Then a few hours later you return to find over a million views!

The question is how does a person or company achieve this feat?

How to Create Viral Content

Well, research has shown that only half of every 8 articles get up to 8 shares. This is far from encouraging. But don’t worry, all hope is not lost. There are a couple of adjustments you can make to get the right publicity. And you don’t have to read an SEO guide for this. Here are 5 secrets you should know about creating viral content.

1. Good news sells – Information that appeals to readers in a positive way. People love good news, they want something motivating, uplifting. This good news should, most specifically, reflect on your headline or title of post as this is what gets attention and generates interest.

2. Content with practical use – Valuable articles and blog posts often go viral. The reason is, readers appreciate unique, practical, and applicable content which solves a problem in their life. For example:

  • 10 steps to fix a broken relationship
  • 5 easy steps to make pizza
  • 6 ways to knot a tie
  • And so on.

3. Emotionally engaging – This is perhaps the first thing you need to consider when your intention is to create content that gets shared, or to make a video go viral. Because people hardly ever respond to content that make them feel indifferent.

In other words, a post that’s likely to go viral has to provoke or evoke emotions like joy, awe, anxiety, fear, surprise, and humour. Think about it. Have you ever had times when a friend of yours read something on his phone and proceeded to burst out laughing? He then passed you his phone and asked you to take a look at what he had just read. “This is hilarious! You’ve got to see this”, he says.

And then, he spends the next 15 minutes sharing and posting this content on his social media pages.

This is the power of emotion, and savvy businesses know how to take advantage of this consumer behaviour to generate greater awareness for their own brand, products and services.

Guess what?

You can too.

4. Apply images – We all know images help to stir the imagination. Simply put, viewers can connect better when you use visual content.

5. Add sharing buttons –Now this is the icing on the cake. You have succeeded in creating high impact emotions in your audience. The least you can do is provide sharing buttons to social media sites just below your post.

In conclusion, with these few easy steps, you’ll find it much easier to create viral content for your own business. Many people think that having your content widely shared comes down to luck, but the best marketers know that it is quite the contrary.


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