7 Social Media Tools: The Favourites of Successful Marketers

social media tools

The advent of social media has transformed the marketing strategies by which products & services are rendered to customers.

The wide variety of social media tools with impeccable features that serve various purposes have taken over the market. It is everywhere! As pop ups, feeds and in every social media app. These apps are compatible with gadgets from windows laptops to iPads to android devices.

Social Media Marketing Made Easy

Here’s the thing:

Online marketing has become a huge diamond mine for those who have successfully established their niche, and to enjoy breakthrough marketing success, you need to familiarise yourself with social media tools and their functions to make life easy, especially if you’re a social media strategist.

There are 7 powerful tools used by some of the most successful marketers and businesses on the planet:

1. Feebly – This social media app is designed to collect news feed for both ios and android devices. It also features cloud based services. Its function is basically to amass varieties of news from online sources, sort them into various topics and categories, then distribute them to various social media apps.

2. Canva – This tool provides graphic design services with drag and drop features and highly professional presentations that give your social media that aesthetic image you desire. It’s simplified and easy to use.

3. RIPL – Want to make your posts come alive? It helps you animate your image posts in 3 easy steps:

  • Choose the image you want
  • Choose an animation style
  • Apply caption and share.

This social media tool goes for $10 per month and comes with many impressive features.

4. Edgar – As a smart scheduler which manages your social media posts by reposting them to help generate traffic to your site, this intelligent app is able to statistically determine what posts give you the highest number of viewers and recycles those posts at intervals. It creates an inexhaustible library of feeds.

5. io – This webinar platform is used to broadcast live streams of up to 6 guests. This is a great visual platform for interviews and the likes.

6. Switcher Studio – A live streaming app and performs the same functions as huzza.io. The difference however is in the camera switch. The app picks up camera devices on wireless network and uses them for streaming as well. This is great for change in angles.

7. Agora Pulse – Enables you to manage multiple platforms and execute your social media strategy with ease. This cool is recommended for busy people who want to speed, convenience and flexibility for marketing on social media.

In a nutshell, online marketing can be as easy and effective as you want it to be with these amazing tools. Social media marketers, in particular, should find these recommendations a live saver and profit multiplier.


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