8 Best SEO Strategies For Search Engine Rankings

seo strategies

When looking at SEO strategies and techniques, there are about 200 or more ranking factors that Google notices. For the non search engine optimization savvy, it would simply be overwhelming to go through each of these factors.

Here’s the thing:

If competent optimization work is done, it can reward a business with greater profits. But at the same time, it’s important to remember that SEO is an ongoing initiative. As you generate steady traffic from effective strategies, SEO needs to be maintained as well as improved to keep the rankings at the top.

For this, one smart approach is to follow the 80/20 rule – Implementing the most important 20% of the strategies as mentioned below gets you 80% of the results fast.

Build Your Site on WordPress

Google simply loves WordPress as it was originally created as a big platform for journalists, bloggers and content marketers. As the saying goes: Content is the king. And Google loves content. WordPress was designed to make it easy to create and publish great content.

Have a Fast Loading Site

The longer your website takes to load its pages, the higher the probability visitors will leave your site before it fully loads. What this means is, if a large amount of users bounce back from your site, it will have a negative impact on your overall organic rankings as the bounce rate of the pages on a site is an essential ranking factor.

Write Lengthy and Informative Blog Posts

As content is king, ensure your blog posts, articles and other content is keyword-optimized, informative, and cover topics as completely as possible. It’s not ideal to attract readers with short 200-words posts, for example. Your content should ultimately be engaging, interesting and valuable to build your brand and reputation, and hence a detailed blog post of 800 words might be considered more effective, for readership and SEO purposes, as compared to a shorter post.

Create Social Signals

By being active on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, you’re building up your social presence. And even though Google has stated they do not use social media for ranking, social media can boost the search engine rankings and visibility of your site. Moreover, they increase traffic and give your content higher page views.

Use Keywords Strategically

One of the most critical keyword-targeting strategies is to include your keywords in the title tag, H1 header, and on the page you want to rank. Placing the keywords strategically greatly affects the search engine rankings of your site.

Interlink with Keyword Rich Anchor Text

Internal linking or interlinking strengthens the search value of a site, and should be done in a way there are clear paths for search engine spiders to crawl. This also allows for better user experience and ease of navigation.

Having Fewer High Quality Links Beat Hundreds of Spammy, Low quality links

You’ve heard the saying: Quality over quantity.

This especially applies to SEO. In other words, Having fewer high quality links does more for your rankings than a ton of spammy ones. How are high quality links gained? Many ways, such as by writing for big publications, doing industry interviews and recommending your content to people that matter – also know as Influencers.

A competent search engine optimization company should make it a routine to analyze each and every site they want to get links from. If a website has poor metrics or looks suspicious, move on to the next.


So by applying these 8 SEO strategies, guess what?

You’re gearing your website for top Google rankings the smart way – The 80/20 way.


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