For Business Owners: How to Start Email Marketing

So you’ve heard about email marketing, and just how powerful it can be for bonding with your target audience, converting prospects to customers, and ultimately increasing sales.

Excellent – That’s why the most successful marketers, businesses, and even leaders in the world are taking advantage of email marketing. Names like Coca Cola, Zerohedge, Obama, and the list goes on.

Because nothing enables your business to communicate with your prospects as intimately and effectively as email.

And now, you want to know how to get started with email marketing. More specifically, you want to know how to use email marketing to start building and marketing to a list for your own business, right this moment. And you need tips and direction.

Since this is a question I get every now and then from business owners and marketers, I’m going to outline the 3 simple steps to getting started. And it almost doesn’t matter what kind of business you run. I’ve successfully implemented email marketing for businesses in all kinds of industries that include finance, health & fitness, forex trading, marketing services, software, and more.

So chances are, it will work tremendously well for your business too. If you need assistance, check out our email marketing services or contact us directly.

The 3 Steps to Email Marketing

Step 1: Come up with a free signup offer

You want visitors to subscribe to your list, which means you need to give them a reason for doing so. This “reason why” is what we call the free signup offer, incentive, or giveaway.

Now, it’s critical to consider what your target audience really want. Present an unappealing offer, and you won’t get many signups. On the other hand, with a truly irresistible freebie that perhaps solves a specific and urgent problem your audience have, you’ll be building a massive email list fast.

Step 2: Set up your email capture page

For this, two things are required.

First, choose an email capture tool, such as the always-popular Aweber, GetResponse, or Mailchimp.

Next, build your email capture page. This can either be done manually (or hiring a web designer), or by using one of the many powerful solutions available online. For example, LeadPages, Instapages, Clickfunnels and more.

Step 3: Start emailing your subscribers

As you start getting subscribers, follow up immediately with a first “welcome email”, and proceed to begin developing a relationship with them by emailing daily, weekly, monthly, whatever your goals are.

And when you have offers that truly benefit your subscribers, let them know about it. This way your customers benefit, and your business profits. A win-win marketing strategy.

Simple, right?

Indeed, it is.

The KEY to success with email marketing is being able to convert your subscribers to customers through the power of email copywriting and communication.

Do that, and your business will start outperforming the competition in ways you never imagined possible, especially those who have yet to take advantage of email marketing.


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