SEO 2017 – What We Can Expect

As I woke up this morning and reached for my phone, I had a really pleasant surprise…

2017 new year greetings abound!

It was wonderful to see a rush of new year text messages from family, friends, relatives, team members, and yes… even clients in and outside of Singapore. On this very first day of the new year, I could feel everyone’s love, warmth, gratitude, and perhaps more importantly, excitement for the year ahead of us.

But I guess, deep down, each of us is really wondering, “How’s 2017 going to unfold?”

SEO Trends in 2017

In the SEO world, things are ever-changing, so it’s no surprise that marketers and business owners around the world are already preparing themselves for what’s to come in the search engine optimization industry.

With that said, here are my top 3 trends to look out for:

1. Google’s First Mobile Index – The Big G revealed that starting on January 1st, 2017, it will rank sites based on their mobile version, not desktop version, hence the name first mobile index.

What this means is simple: If you run a website, and you haven’t optimized it for mobile, then guess what? Now’s the time to do so! But just how do you mobile-optimize your site?

Many ways. Unclutter it. Remove obtrusive elements like pop-ups. Increase site speed – You can use a tool like Pingdom to perform a speed test. Improve mobile user experience on your site so visitors stay longer (engagement).

2. RankBrain Gets Smarter – As Google continues becoming a natural language search engine “to provide the better answer to users’ needs,” by learning to understand context, metaphors and other important aspects of language, marketers have to start approaching keyword research differently.

In particular – by understanding (and targeting) our keywords as groups or clusters toward an actionable strategy, instead of stuffing keywords/long-tail keywords with no real intent behind it.

3. Video Consumption Online Booms – Over a year ago, we got to see statistics¬†about the growth of video consumption on the Internet. What’s more notable is that not only are US adults spending more time per day watching videos online, smartphones are also catching up with laptops and desktops as the most-used device for doing so.

The main implication?

As you plan your marketing and SEO strategy for 2017, video should be a channel you might want to focus more on to build your brand and attract more customers. Video is certainly looking to play a stronger role in marketing for businesses in 2017.

So there you have it, my top 3 SEO trends for the new year. With all that said, for savvy marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners, changes are always welcome.


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